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I'm having trouble with action script, and I'm trying to further my chances of getting some useful help by posting on my profile page and blog. If you think you can help the link below has my brief explaination of what I need, and please disregard the pricks that have replied thus far, to let you know, I am still working on it now, and I've looked for a while for some help, but cannot find what I'm looking for, so I have resorting to newgrounds. 45274

sticking to is is hard...

2010-02-10 00:42:20 by 4everZer0

I've done art, I've done games, I've done almost anything under the sun that I could submit to newgrounds and probably get good or at least decent feed back... but I never seem to be able to "stick to it" I've even finshed some of the art and stuff just don't want to do cuz its soooooo tedious :(

submitting some art soon, bored enough to post this while I wait for something to download before I can start, anywho... I will spoil one picture, it's a man about to devour a baby, that is all, good day

good I got your attention, and now that you've clicked here and read this far, your not a prick, unless you spam random shit... then your even worse then the dirt we step on

I need sound effects for my game, just send me as many links as you can, and Ill check them out, please make sure I can download them in a .mp3 or .wav format, thanks

may you find peace in death
or rather we will find peace in your death

Still need help here

2009-06-16 19:02:57 by 4everZer0

Still need sound effects!!!
I will put you on the credits if you do!!
Make sure I can recieve it as an mp3 file or .wav
the sound I want are on the my previous post, thanks


2009-06-14 21:18:37 by 4everZer0

OKAY, my game as promised is finished....well the animation and coding is anyways...


fire and flames, electric sounds, wispy, earthshattering, button clicking, I NEED IT ALL!!!

even if you dont think I'll like it, send it to me any ways, you never know. I dont care how you send it to me, or even if you leave me a link or website to use for downloads just do it!!!

Perfect example, I managed to make a deal with my teacher, I work on my games, I get marks for my computer science class, its killing 2 birds with 1 stone, credits and game completion. The reason this is shocking is that anyone that has taken a computer science class knows thats Java is what you are tought, and I am strictly using action script, and on something that most would consider a waste of time.

Without a scanner

2009-02-19 10:38:28 by 4everZer0

Just as it sounds, so as an alternative I will how on the basic animation and coding for my game rather than the detailed stuff like the characters and enemies, which kinda sucks cuz I really wanted to draw...


2009-02-13 10:04:22 by 4everZer0

Well, today's the day to celebrate the Unix Epoch, but more importantly my drawing of Epoch is now done, and is to be posted later today, around 3:00 ~ 5:00 eastern.

Back From The Dead!

2009-02-11 22:35:42 by 4everZer0

well, its exactly like it sounds, im back from the dead, I died during school and stuff, but thats old news! Im back, and still..or rather continuing to work on my game, I will probably submit a picture of one boss in Twilight Knights, Epoch, soon.

Speaking of "Epoch" the Unix "Epoch" is coming up! As of Feb. Friday the 13th, the once in a life time moment will be upon us, ENJOY!

ps. if you have questions about Epoch, type Unix Epoch in wikipedia by all means