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Bored much? then check out my comic

2008-12-08 08:46:19 by 4everZer0

I got bored once again and decided to draw this comic during school, obviously it the legend of Zelda, and I plan on making more comics, I coloured this in flash, but if you want to see the original hand drawn one, go to the post before this one. My comics will have many changes in the characters, such as for starters, NAVI IS NOW UPGRADED TO ANNOYING "BITCH" oh snap level up folks, and Link can talk now :O
enjoy, BTW this is much smaller then it should be.

Bored much? then check out my comic

hand drawn

2008-12-08 00:49:03 by 4everZer0

as promised, oddly enough, it is missing the last square...................maybe its to light?
Visit the post after this one if you want to see the coloured full version.

hand drawn

It's been awhile seen I decided to post, but none the less, I'm working on something for a few friends on NG and go figure, my sister failed to pay the internet bill and so, we do not have internet, this post was made while I was at school just so you know, and to my friends that may see this... all I can do is do all the sketch rough drafts then scan them, then add colour on flash, nothing more, how long will I be gone? I am not sure V.V

do you remember this?

2008-11-17 18:12:18 by 4everZer0

remember when I was talking about I wanna be the guy, the movie:the game....
well watch this, is guy below must have played the game 2 months straight to get that far and not die once.... this is INSANE!!! XYKI

It feels nice.

2008-11-16 11:48:56 by 4everZer0

And no, im not talking about sex...
Im talking about being level 7 with a safety patrol badge...
for some reason, it feels nice to have some "power" you might say.
what makes you feel powerful?

New Banner

2008-11-12 22:29:05 by 4everZer0

similar to the old one, but the ForeverZer0 emblem is smaller and Plague is at the left and Flint is at the Right, but I thought it was kewlies.

Art work...

2008-11-12 09:43:29 by 4everZer0

should I submit some?


2008-11-11 08:41:01 by 4everZer0

Not one person remembered my birthday...


2008-11-10 09:18:59 by 4everZer0

I'll try again, I need code for action script 2.0 *fuck 3.0*
I can get collision detection when I have my "character" touch a wall, the only problem is that nothing I try will actually stop him from going through the wall, could you help me out?


thank you.

Honestly, first we have the "Flash spammers" that make a disgrace of them self and flash, then we have those pricks that go on the blogs and post random shit like FUCK YOU! for no reason, and when you try to ask an honest question on the blogs, 75% wont answer 20% will be assholes and say suck my dick, then 5% are honest answers, and I say, THANK YOU, you 5% people are great!

please feel free to say what you wish, lets see how many sarcastic assholes we get on this forum.