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Twilight Knights Tutorial

2008-08-30 17:40:50 by 4everZer0

due to the fact that the game im making (Twilight Knights) is not your typical Final Fantasy remake, im making a tutorial in how to play, if you have ever played Chrono Cross, then you may have a good idea in how my game works,, however since im starting school in 3 days, it maybe awhile till it comes out... please be free to post any questions on the game you may have ^_^

ForeverZer0 Productions...

2008-08-27 01:04:28 by 4everZer0

regarding my last message....should I attempt at making my website again anyways?

Chronicles of Darkness

2008-06-24 00:37:42 by 4everZer0

The Chronicles of Darkness is based on a manga i have been doing for about 2 - 3 years now. I am doing various things with it, i am making a website from the orginal comic pages and "refined pages" and im also hoping to make the story of Karsh (the main character) a game, im already really good at making games however I need some more epic battle themes, I have already looked up both MaestroRage and Cazok and im am very pleased with their work, but it isn't enough, I NEED MORE BATTLE THEMES send me them if you find any that are good kay? if you would like a little more info ask me or check my previous post.

Also if anyone would like to see some seek peek drawings i might show you one or two just ask ;)

Well newgrounders or what ever, i can either try to make my anime series the chronicles of darkness or my sprite game that is designed much like ff 10, both will take a while to upd, COD longer than my game... but ya your call, send me private messenges for your opinoin.

this can go up to as many as 7 seasons by the way, the 4 season can be desposed however, due to its irrelavants to the story.