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I could use your help! Action Script problems

2010-02-13 17:47:22 by 4everZer0

I'm having trouble with action script, and I'm trying to further my chances of getting some useful help by posting on my profile page and blog. If you think you can help the link below has my brief explaination of what I need, and please disregard the pricks that have replied thus far, to let you know, I am still working on it now, and I've looked for a while for some help, but cannot find what I'm looking for, so I have resorting to newgrounds. 45274


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2012-02-16 19:19:04

i think you should defietly put a girl in the movie it can be an action movie like kight and day put some fbi in there maby alittle guns have an awesome dramatized ending and finalky awesome action music like spy music contact me if you need more help :)