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Back From The Dead!

2009-02-11 22:35:42 by 4everZer0

well, its exactly like it sounds, im back from the dead, I died during school and stuff, but thats old news! Im back, and still..or rather continuing to work on my game, I will probably submit a picture of one boss in Twilight Knights, Epoch, soon.

Speaking of "Epoch" the Unix "Epoch" is coming up! As of Feb. Friday the 13th, the once in a life time moment will be upon us, ENJOY!

ps. if you have questions about Epoch, type Unix Epoch in wikipedia by all means


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2009-02-12 00:05:40

Isnt "Epoch" the name of the ship from Crono Trigger for the SNES?

P.S Ty for leaving a comment ^_^

4everZer0 responds:

If I do recall, yes, but Epoch was a word long before it was a name. The more I think about it, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross follow a close story to my game, Twilight Knights, having Fate, Epoch, Destiny, Genesis, Pathos, and Exodius. *note that all of those are big bosses in my game.